For thousands of years, cultures have clung to beauty rituals inspired by nature's local bounty and shared through the ages: Ancient Rhassoul clay mined beneath the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Impossibly potent petals plucked from the rose valleys of Bulgaria. Curiously colored Ayurvedic 'holy powder' from India. LANIMA curates a nomadic journey, ethically sourcing these gems and many others, long coveted for their powerful skin-loving and regenerative properties. Every bottle weaves a tale. Each ingredient commands purpose. Perhaps that's why these rituals continue to endure. We wildcraft a treasure trove of Earth's finest ingredients: healing clays, nourishing roots and purifying botanicals — without any water or fillers. Preserving only their legendary status. Capturing their soul-sustaining ethos. Sharing their precious secrets. And consciously formulating as result-driven, luxuriously clean skincare that sets you free.



Maybe wanderlust is something you’re born with, or, perhaps it blossoms with every undiscovered breath we inhale from a faraway place. For me, it was a little of both. I still recall the time I asked my mom to help me pack my suitcase so I could run away to see the world. I never got very far, considering I was a 7 year old child who wasn’t allowed to cross the street on her own. LANIMA is a resulting passion from a nomadic journey—inclusive of living, working and exploring abroad—that would begin with a passport, a suitcase and little else other than wide eyes and an open heart.  While it came with its share of unexpected detours, what I consistently discovered was a reciprocal desire to be received. Taught. Understood.

As a trained holistic nutritionist, the nexus of travel, well-being and beauty presented me a new canvas to celebrate the symbiosis of culture, time-honored rituals and the ancient ingredients our precious planet offers. Each element of LANIMA’s  skincare collection carries with it a piece of my heart and a story to be shared. The unsung heroes of the communities who honor a deep connection to their land as a source of health, beauty and sustainability. Their inherent understanding of transforming ingredients into ritual moments of mindfulness. From the ethical farmers in the fields we source from, to the lovely artisan who handcrafts our bowls in Bali, LANIMA’s kindred souled philosophy celebrates a conscious connection with every one who touches these treasures.

My promise to you is to continue to be both teacher and student in this exciting space that intersects skin and life. I hope LANIMA will inspire you to realign your beauty with earth's sacred bounty, forging your own kindred souled connection to the cultures that protect it. Day-by-day, I hope LANIMA’s soulful rituals inspire you to reimagine your 'face value' through connecting your skin to your heart. Celebrating the past, while setting an intention toward a future you’d like to see.